Pre-Order 10,000 Holographic Security Stickers

SKU: MRM03188
Weight: 77.7g

PERSONALISE YOUR OWN SECURITY STICKERS WITH YOUR SHOP OR BUSINESS NAME, ENLARGE PICTURE TO SEE SAMPLES::::Security stickers are specially designed to put a warranty on valuable or expensive products i.e LCDs, batteries and chargers OR you can just use them to put a identity to your stock. The holographic effects within the sticker will dismantle and break up if tampered with, which will void warranty and makes it easier for you to reject. Call our sales team to pre-order or just pre-order online your massive bundle of 10,000 stickers. APPROX 2-3 WEEKS WAITING TIME.


  • Maximum of 15 characters per design will be used (Letters and numbers)
  • Price may vary for larger or customized sticker

 Please note that a 50% deposit is required on all Pre-order items (Including artwork). Approx 2-3 weeks waiting time.

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