10Pcs - 7mm Retail Security StopLock for Slatwall/Pegboard/Gridwall Hooks

SKU: MRM08391

Stop Locks are used with regular peg hook's for your existing slatwall/gridwall or pegboard. This solution allows retailers to display goods both behind and in front of the Stop Lock.  Thus allowing customers to openly browse and remove products in front of the Stop Lock but not to be allowed to remove the goods behind them. This prevents thieves from sweeping all product off the display hook at the one time. Stop Locks also allow retailers to always have product on display and not to leave empty spaces in the display fixture.  Utilizing the unique hand held detacher store associates can easily remove Stop Locks to move stock forward when product has been sold.  


  • Provides a strong visual deterrent to shoplifters
  • Affordable solution for your existing hooks
  • Easy to implement into existing fixtures
  • Provides the option of securing all or some of the products
  • Sold in bundles of 10 x 7mm Red Stop Locks (key is not included)
  • Great to use on your existing slatwall, gridwall, slatgrid, and pegboard hooks


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