VD 6-in-1 HUB Multifunction Adaptor

SKU: MRM09425
Weight: 97.1g

6-in-1 adaptor with USB, USB-C, HDTV, and Ethernet ports to connect multiple devices at the same time. Easily extend a second monitor or display screen to make use of screen mirroring. Ideal for work, presentations, school, or gaming.




  • USB 2.0 and 3.0 - Different USB ports provide a high-speed power supply up to 5 Gbps.
  • USB-C - Different USB-C ports for input and output provide a power supply of up to 480 Mbps and adapt to a maximum Power Delivery of 100W.
  • HDTV - HDTV output supports higher resolutions of up to 4K and provides a simple plug-and-play connection to high-definition displays or monitors.
  • Ethernet - RJ45 Ethernet port provides up to 100 Mbps, making it compatible for connecting multiple devices, including tablets, laptops, smartphones, and gaming consoles with DP functions.
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