UK to EU 13Amp - 240 volts European Travel Adaptor

SKU: MRM07099
Weight: 84g

Adapts UK and Irish 13A plugs to fit sockets in most European countries.

Max. load 13 Amps - 240 Volts 

This product is designed for temporary or infrequent use. If appliances are used on a more permanent basis, then the 13 Amp plug should be removed and replaced with a plug appropriate for the country of use. Designed to help you stay well-charged and connected whilst travelling abroad, the European Travel Adaptor is sure to come in handy. Featuring a durable 2-pinned design to the rear, simply plug your desired appliance or device straight into the adaptor and continue use as a regular plug.




  • Perfect for use whilst travelling in Europe
  • Durable 2-pinned design
  • Suitable for use in any European outlet


Important Information


Not to be used in the UK.


Some countries have a mains voltage of 110V AC. Make sure your appliance is dual voltage (110/230V AC) before plugging it in.

Adaptors do not alter voltage.

Always plug the appliance into the adaptor before inserting the adaptor into the mains socket. If in doubt, consult a qualified electrician.

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