Learn About Our Range

Learn About Our Range

All our ranges are ‘Colour coded by compatibility’. Green for Lightning, Blue for USB-C, Purple for Micro-USB & Red for Universal. Making it easier for your customers, your staff and you to learn our range which makes it easier for all to find the product they want.

Bronze: Advanced Accessories Standard

Our Advanced Accessories Standard range, which includes both Charge-iT & Protect-iT, is recommended for everyone. The range covers core lines such as Cables, Chargers, Cases, Tempered Glass and even Gadgets for the latest devices.

• Affordable
• Reliable (Multiple Amazon choice Products)
• Functional
• Long lasting  

Silver: Advanced Accessories Premium

Our Advanced Accessories Premium range is an upgrade from the standard Advanced Accessories products. From Aluminium Connector Shield’s to the all-new super fast charging technology of PD (Power Delivery) & QC (Quick Charging), the step up in design and quality is noticeable. Thousands have already upgraded from our regular lines.

• Premium
• Fast charge
• Modern
• Longer lasting

Gold: Tech Energi

Our Tech Energi range delivers the most powerful and highest quality tech accessories currently on the market. Unique in product & packaging design with an ergonomic & eco-friendly approach. The entire range is covered by a Lifetime Warranty, which relieves all the return stress & hassle. Perfect for the high street, currently a best seller in WHSmith.

• High-end
• Ultra-fast
• Stylish
• Lifetime Warranty

We take safety & well-being seriously. All our ranges include certified & quality approved products that undergo rigorous testing before hitting the shelves. If you have any concerns, please email sales@mrmobileuk.com.