Playstation PS2/PS3 AV Lead/Cable

SKU: MRM05615
Weight: 56.2g

PS2/PS3 AV Cable was designed for connect the PS series consoles to display and audio device. It is used to transfer audio and video data to the PS game console.It is the necessary accessory for the PS game player.
It is used for PS/PS1/PS2,Audio and Video transmitting.

This is a very high quality and one of the best selling cables for connecting a PS3 or a PS2 to your TV if your TV has a 3 RCA port. Its an ecnomical and a very suitable alternative offering the same quality as of some of the expensive cables in the market. The Red and White connectors are for audio transfer and the yellow connector is for the video transfer.


  • It transfers audio and video signals from your gaming console to your TV.
  • It consists of a standard SONY PS2/PS3 input connector at one end and 3RCA output connectors on the other end.
  • Its makes it easier to connect your PS2 or PS3 gaming console to your TV.
  • Its compatible with SONY PS2, PS3, and also the Sony Slimline PS2's.
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