Which Phone Accessories Should You Sell?

Whether you're an online seller, high street retailer, or wholesale distributor, phone accessories see some of the greatest return when it comes to consumer products, and have subsequently become a popular choice for businesses looking to buy and resell. Whether you're just wanting to add a few lines to your range, or you're ready to be the one-stop shop for all your customers' accessory needs, it can be tricky to know exactly which products you should be stocking, especially if you find yourself short of experience in the industry. To help, Mr Mobile has compiled a short checklist to ensure you're accounting for the essentials. Of course, you don't have to stop there, but if you're ready to get the ball rolling, or wanting to fill the gaps in your catalogue, hopefully this guide can help you.


Plugs and Charging Cables

Chargers are the backbone of any accessory range. Even if you're stocking nothing else, make sure you have a few Mains Chargers and USB Cables ready to go. For high street retailers, customers have begun to expect at least some degree of an accessory range. Those who have been let down turn to their trusted online retailers to make sure they're prepared for next time. It’s important to remember that not all phones are compatible with all charging cables. A mixture of cables with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB connectors are recommended. When it comes to plugs, make sure you have both USB-A and USB-C mains chargers available. Dual Mains Chargers, built with both types of ports, are also an option depending on the budget of you and your customers.

Some accessory brands, such as Advanced Accessories, colour-code their accessory packaging by the product's connector type or compatibility. Aside from being more appealing to the eye, this type of branding also goes a long way to help staff and customers quickly identify the products they need. It makes stock management easier too!

Charging Plug Phone Charger


3-in-1 Cables

3-in-1 charging cables are compatible with all phone models. A lot of customers won't seek out more than they need, but for some, a 3-in-1 USB Cable is too good an opportunity to pass up, even if they weren't looking for a charger in the first place. This might also be the best option for sellers looking to simplify their range to as few lines as possible, though in most cases, offering these as an addition to your cable range, rather than in-place of it, will achieve a greater number of sales from typical buyers.

Universal Phone Charger



It's a good idea to keep on top of the products that need replacing the most. Even the best quality earphones regularly get lost. Audio products are therefore one of the staples of a basic accessory range. Wireless earphones are typically more expensive than wired models, and may be more than some customers are willing to pay for. However, others maintain that it's Bluetooth or nothing, so it's never a bad idea to stock some of each. Finally, consider that some customers don't like to use earphones with an 'in-ear' design. Earphones with an 'open-ear' design (see example) tend to be a safe bet for everyone.

Wireless Earphones


Power Banks

These used to only be for tourists and travellers alike, but have since become a front-pocket necessity as smartphones have become a more versatile tool for our everyday battery-hungry routines. A growing number of people now carry a power bank with them to avoid shackling themselves to a wall socket. For affordable emergencies, the LifeLine is a no-brainer in any accessory range. For impressive long-term reliability, Tech Energi has a couple of smarter models that come with a Lifetime Warranty.
Power Banks


Phone Cases and Screen Protectors

Stocking device protection doesn't have to mean dedicating a whole wall to different phone models, but it's easy to overlook the difference it can make by offering a variety of options. If you're an online seller, or a business that takes on a lot of stock at once, it makes sense to sell silicone cases, clear anti-shock cases, wallet cases, screen protectors, and everything else available for each and every model. For smaller high street stores however, you can go miles with just one or two of everything. Nothing will give your customers a more positive experience than surprising them by catering to their niche second-hand device, even more so if you can offer them a choice of options. And all of this for what? One box of (very organised) assorted cases behind the counter? Just remember to make a note of what to restock on your next order.
Phone Case Screen Protector


In-Car Chargers

Plenty of accessory wholesalers and retailers are now adding In-Car Chargers to their range. They're a simple, easy addition that won't bulk out your stock too much, while providing even more versatility for your customers' charging needs. In-Car Chargers typically have a USB-A port, a USB-C port, or both, allowing one or more devices to be charged while driving. Like with mains chargers and power banks, it's often not a bad idea to order In-Car Chargers bundled with USB cables for your customer's convenience.

In Car Charger


In-Car Device Holders

There's a huge variety of device holders on the market, but you don't need to worry about stocking every one of them. GRIP-iT are a good choice if you're looking to begin with just a couple of essentials, and the likelihood is that you won't require much more than that, especially if you don't want to confuse your customers with countless different products, all of which provide mostly the same function.
Magnetic Car Phone Holder Car Phone Holder


SD Cards

Too many sellers forget about SD Cards when they think of device accessories, but they're an important part of your range in exchange for the minimum possible space commitment. Going with an established brand is best when it comes to memory storage. GOODRAM offers some clear, easy to understand options with a range of storage capacities. SD Cards are just one more thing to push you into being your customers' first choice.
SD Card


Tablet Protection

We've covered cases and screen protectors for phones, but maybe you've got some room left in your protection range. If you're already sourcing phone protection from PROTECT-iT for example, their tablet accessories might be what you need to stock up on next. Remember, there aren't nearly as many tablet models in popular use as phones, so you won't need to worry about doubling your inventory by closing in on this market. What's more, lots of cases and screen protectors fit multiple different tablet models. Some are even cross-brand compatible.
Tablet Case


Flash Drives

As touched on earlier, GOODRAM are a solid go-to for your SD Card range. If you're happy with their products (which you will be), why not give their Flash Drives a look too? Sure, they're not technically made for mobile phones, but they’ll fit right into your range. If you want to score bonus points with your customers, their Eco-Friendly Flash Drives with 100% compostable housing are an eye-catcher for all the right reasons.
Flash Drive


HDMI Cables

By this point, you should be the favourite destination for device accessories. You know your customers better than anyone, so it's now up to you if you want to continue growing out your range. HDMI Cables are the first and easiest next step towards broadening your speciality. We began supplying HDMI cables along with the rest of our accessory range when we received increasing enquiries for them, so we've got you covered! We learned quickly that a demand for a product isn't always apparent if you don't know to supply it.
HDMI Cable


Affordable Mobiles

If you've gotten this far, it's probably about time you stock a couple of cheap mobiles. There are plenty of brands that focus on bulk affordability. If you're unsure where to start, take a look at our options here. There's no harm in starting off with a smaller quantity to see how far they take you. Whether you're an online or high street seller, ensure that your customers know that you sell mobile phones. Many won't think to ask if they're not clearly displayed.
Cheap Mobile Phone


Pre-Stocked Display Units

If you don't have time to scan through all the products on our website, or you'd rather leave the decision to the industry experts, we offer a few choices for mobile accessory display units of various sizes depending on your budget. Once it's yours, it's yours. We don't take any profit cuts, and like with everything else, you're in full control over how you price your items. When the time comes, order only what you need to stock up on, or fill your display unit with whatever you feel like from the rest of our range.
Phone Accessories Display Unit