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Tech Energi Micro USB Mains Charger and USB Cable Kit


AA Universal 3in1 Bluetooth Car Holder Kit

AA LifeLine 2200-X Power Bank On The Go Kit



1 x AA LifeLine 2200-X [8 Pin/USB-C/MicroUSB] Mobile Phone Emergency Charger-Black

1 x AA CHARGE-iT 3in1 (0.1M) USB Cable - 8 Pin/USB-C/MicroUSB - 10cm-silver

AA LifeLine 2200-X [8 Pin/USB-C/MicroUSB] Mobile Phone Emergency Charger-Black

Advanced Accessories Life Line 2200-X emergency charger for your mobile phone. Ideal for holidays, long outings etc. Never leave home without one. It is small, stylish and light enough to carry around in your bag or pocket.  Lifeline 2200-X is compatible with all latest mobile phones, iPhone/iPods,iPads with lightning sockets, Tablets and devices with a Micro USB socket and USB-C sockets (respective cables required for charging - cables not included). Your perfect companion in emergencies.


  • -Rechargeable 2200-XmAh Battery inbuilt
  • -Small and lightweight
  • -Built-in female USB port
  • -Includes Micro-USB charging cable for the Lifeline
  • -Built-in protection functions for short circuit and overcharge/discharge


  • Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Material: Aluminium shell
  • DC-IN- 5V/1000mA (MAX)
  • DC-OUT-5V/1000mA (MAX)
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Working temperature: 0C-40C
  • Storage temperature: -10 - 25C
  • Product Weight: 80g 
  • Product Dimensions: L x W: 9 x 2cm
  • Packaging Dimensions: L x B x H: 14 x 6.5 x 2.5cm
  • Total Weight: 88g

MAX Reserve power

  • All iPods - 38hours
  • Mobile phones - 80 hours
  • Digital camera - 1500 photos
  • Two-way radio - 24 hours
  • Sony PSPs - 4 hours
  • MP3/MP4 players - 5 hours



Compatible with most devices with a Micro USB socket.
Compatible with most devices with a USB-C socket. 

Comaptible with all Apple devices that have 8 Pin lightning socket.

Package Contents
  • 1 x AA LifeLine 2200-X Emergency charger
  • Retail packed
  • Box Weight 88g

AA CHARGE-iT 3in1 (0.1M) USB Cable - 8 Pin/USB-C/MicroUSB - 10cm-silver

AA CHARGE-iT 3-in-1 USB Cable can be used for charging your iPod, iPhone, iPads and devices with MicroUSB and USB-C sockets.


  • Universal 3-in-1 charging usb cable 
  • Charge 3 devices simultaneously
  • Includes a carabiner
  • Reversible Lightning (8 pin) connector
  • Reversible USB-C connector
  • MicroUSB connector

Package Contents

  • AA CHARGE-iT 1 x 3-in-1 USB Cable - 10cm
  • Retail packed
  • Weight 32.9g

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