Pre-Order and China Sourcing

Pre-Order your stock and receive massive discounts

Here at Mr Mobile we pride ourselves in bringing all the latest mobile phone accessories and gadgets to the market in ultra quick time!!

We have a very experienced purchasing team in the far east to source and negotiate the very best products at the very best prices which means we can then pass on them savings to our customers. We now offer a pre-order service which means you could save even more off all our latest products and be the first to stock them.

Here's how it works: you tell us the products your interested in and what quantity you are looking to purchase we then come back to you with our best possible rate which is always much cheaper than our normal price this is because we then don’t have our costs to add on like storage,handling,insurance etc………once you are happy with our quote we will give you an estimated delivery time which we then work towards so you get the stock you require at brilliant prices. 

You could have your items delivered within 7 days of placing your order and the goods will only be sent out after being inspected and passing our quality control checks.  Once they have been dispatched from China we will then contact you to let you know so you can start preparing to sell or even pre-sell them before they even arrive.

Ordering is easy you can either call our sales team on 08453 400060 or you can do it all online. Remember if you can't see the product your looking for then there is always a way for us to source your products for you and save you money in doing so.


Product sourcing China

How much do you value your time, peace of mind and after sales service?

If you’re buying quantity (e.g a minimum of 100 pieces) of any product in the UK or China, have you ever thought about buying directly from China without having to worry about whether it's going to arrive, be on time or if you're going to receive the products you actually ordered after making T/T payments, waiting 5 days and then having to arrange freight forwarders. Let us deal with China so you can concentrate on the thing you do best... SELLING!

What you believe is saving you money initially
can very often cost you much more in the long run and importing from China is not as easy as sending an email, paying a deposit, paying the balance and receiving your goods but we wish it was!  These people are thousands of miles away so they know if there IS a problem, you’re not going to jump on the first plane to China.

 We're talking from experience and have had to learn the hard way as most do by investing a considerable amount of time and money into our purchasing team in China.  

By purchasing through us, not only will you get peace of mind but also our years of expertise in the field as well as the experience of our purchasing team in China. We guarantee every order from China as we only use factories we have either been dealing with for years, unless our Chinese based buying team have visited the factory and confirmed it is a legitimate business.

You could have your items delivered within 7 days of placing an order and the goods will only be sent out after being personally inspected for quality control checks.  Once they have been dispatched from China, we will contact you to let you know so you can start preparing to sell or take pre-orders for your items before they even arrive.

Our China Office Address

Room 322

Building 306

Sufa building

Zhenhua road

Futian district





We believe that packaging is of the upmost importance as you could have the best product in the world but if it is not packaged right you will not sell it. That is why all the most successful companies in the world spend millions on branding and advertising and now we can offer this service at very competitive rates.  That’s why we take a lot of time and effort in getting all our packaging to a top level, we do this through our in-house graphic design team who create all our packaging solutions.

We can now offer all our customers this fantastic service to help them brand their own shop/on-line store in their very own packaging.

We do absolutely everything from business cards to personalised pens and your very own posters as well as all the normal packaging bags and blister for all your accessories.

All you need to do is give us your Company logo and we will do the rest and two to three weeks later you will have your delivery.


Please call or email us with your enquiries.